A national center for fiber art, Textile Center’s mission is to honor textile traditions, promote excellence and innovation, and inspire widespread participation in fiber art. 

Textile Center is now accepting class proposals for our Fall 2021 Digital and In-Person classes. Class dates run September 1 through December 31.

Welcome to our class proposal system!  We put this together to help us streamline the application process to teach at Textile Center--with the end goal to support our mission--honoring textile traditions, promoting excellence and innovation, and inspiring widespread participation in fiber art--by continuing to bring the best possible classes to a broad community of textile and fiber art lovers, fans, and artists from across the country! All class instructors are brought onboard under contract, and are not employees of Textile Center.  All class minimums are determined by Textile Center.

Digital classes for adults are delivered from Textile Center's digital studio, located at 3000 University Ave. SE in Minneapolis. Technical support, including Zoom delivery, split screen with overhead camera, and on-site technical assistance are provided for the entirety of your class. Currently, class size is limited to 12 (DEMO and LECTURE-style classes are an exception), and instructor pay is $40 per teaching hour. Student supply lists are expected to be comprehensive, as students will procure their own supplies. Please note, HANDOUTS have to be prepared by you and in PDF format-- sent to us at least ONE WEEK before your workshop begins so we can get them to students in a timely manner. 

In-person classes for adults are held at Textile Center. During COVID-19, we maintain CDC safety standards, and students are notified of safety standards before registering, and again before their class. Everyone in the building is required to wear a mask, tables are set at least 6 feet apart, surfaces are sanitized before and after every class, and our ionization system provides a constant air purification process for the entire building. Class size is limited to 9 students during the pandemic, and pay is $35 per teaching hour for up to 7 students, $40 per teaching hour for 8-9 students if the instructor co-promotes the class. Student supplies can be provided in a kit-form by instructors, and students reimburse the instructors directly for the kits by cash or check during class--or a comprehensive supply list can be provided in your proposal for students to procure their own supplies. Usually classes are a combination of these two things.

To learn about our safety procedures, please visit our website here: Safety Protocols

Proposal specifics and tips:

  • Your application needs to be complete before you can submit it, so please be prepared to fill out all of the necessary required fields: Proposal; Objectives; Evaluation Process; Bio; Headshot; Class Photos for marketing; and Supply Lists with resources.
  • If you are missing anything or if we have questions, our team will contact you by reopening your application, returning it to you, and asking for further information.
  • TIP: Most of our classes are geared to a 3 hour teaching session, to give students adequate time to sample and ask questions. Class formats are indicated in the corresponding section of the application. 
  • TIP: Classes that are demo-style and technical in nature, with no student hands-on interaction will not be scheduled to exceed 1 1/2 hours. Lecture-style classes will also not be scheduled to exceed 1 1/2 hours.
  • It is important to include clear and specific supply lists for students, with resources for procuring supplies. Students in digital classes have to purchase or find their own supplies, based on your recommendations. Instructors for in-person classes have the option to provide individually packed supply kits on the day of class, for a materials fee that is paid by the student to the instructor. A reasonable supply fee generally runs from $5 - $20. This fee and what it includes must be indicated in your proposal, so students know what the added cost will be and what they are getting. 
  • If you are proposing to teach a class that has already been taught at Textile Center in the last 2 years, please reach out to Raye Cordes--rcordes@textilecentermn.org--with your request for consideration to repeat the class. There is no need to complete a new form in Submittable.
  • If you have previously taught an in-person class, this DOES NOT count as a submission for a digital class. Please revise your class, taking into consideration the differences of teaching in-person vs. using a digital platform.

Since digital delivery is different in many aspects from an in-person experience and involves the use of our digital teaching studio and a staff supervisor, you will need to attend a technology training session at Textile Center. These classes are scheduled by staff, as necessary and we will be in touch with you about dates.

If your class proposal is accepted, you will be notified by email or phone, within three weeks of a proposal deadline (see below).

  • Do not delay contacting us once you know your class has been accepted. Class scheduling happens on a first come, first served basis, but we do work to keep a balance of course content each week to keep a variety of classes going at all times.  
  • For new digital class instructors, a 30-minute training in our digital classroom is required before teaching.
  • In-person classes also require a technology and safety training session to introduce you to our space, inform you of safety protocols, and help you navigate the technical set up in the classroom. These trainings are available during the hour before your class begins at Textile Center. Please prepare to arrive early to attend this training so you can teach in our facility

Proposal deadlines:

The priority deadline for consideration is June 7, 2021 by midnight. This includes receiving email communication from former instructors who desire to resubmit a class proposal for a class that they have already taught at Textile Center in the past.

The second and final deadline for Fall class proposals is June 30, 2021 by midnight. Class proposals submitted by this deadline will be used to add additional classes that add breadth or depth to our schedule, as space permits.  

In general:

  • Please submit a separate proposal for each class you want to teach. If you are able to teach a class either in- person or digital, you will need to take into consideration the difference between these two teaching methods and complete two separate submissions.
  • Your careful preparations now will make it possible for your class to be taught more than once, should it be successful--and to be developed into other possibilities. 
  • Digital learning will remain a regular part of Textile Center's educational programming as we continue to grow and develop as a national center for fiber arts. We welcome a discussion with you about transitioning your in-person class structure to an on-line digital structure.

Thank you for spending time on your thoughtful proposal--and for your interest in teaching with us! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Raye Cordes, Education and Exhibitions Coordinator, at rcordes@textilecentermn.org.

Textile Center